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Science Fiction Stores
1. The only safe place in an acid air world is on a submarine
Contemporary Stores
2.. Zuzana escapes from a rebel militia group in war-torn Bosnia.

Science Fiction Stores
3. Kali discovers that her father was an alien.
Science Fiction Stores
4. Anu is, an advanced humanoid race living in an hallucinatory world.
Fantasy Stores
5. In the days of old, Kyla escapes from marrying the evil Sir Edwin O'Hane.
Science Fiction Stores
6.. The armlet bearers are needed to stop an impending nuclear holocaust.
Contemporary Stores
7. Astrid moves to the coast to live with her grandfather just before a tsunami arrives.
Historical Saga Stores
8. In April 1945 a U-boat carrying Nazi gold is sunk off the Bahamas
Contemporary Stores
9. Teenagers Abbey and Cooper run away together but are trapped by an Australian bush fire.
Science Fiction Stores
10. Brittany doesn't know she carries a hidden device passed through generations of humans.
Contemporary Stores
11. Gail Fernhill, principal of Queen Anne's Girls' School is haunted by her past.
Contemporary & Historical Stores
12. Ivan tells his granddaughter, Kim about his arrival in New Zealand as a German raider pilot in WW2
Contemporary Stores
13. After a cave-in at Misty Depths Catacombs, Renee finds herself stranded with two strangers.

Historical in 1961 Stores
14..In 1961 Claire, a single pregnant girl is sent up-country to have her child.
Science Fiction Stores
15. Sophie Copland awakens in deep space. Something caused a drop to sub-light speed.
Historical Saga Stores
16. A young Polish countess escapes from her homeland in 1939 and is placed in an English orphanage.
Science Fiction Stores
17. Jasmin and four other women are identical but come from different time and space.
Contemporary Stores
18. Reid rescues a desperate and distressed teenage girl from a remote commune.
Scuence Fiction Stores
19.The fog provides an entance to a different time but is it a friend or enemy?
Fantasy Trilogy Bk 1 Stores
20. Cindy is put in contact with Sylvia, a girl her own age from another world.

Fantasy Trilogy Bk 2 Stores
21. Cindy and Sylvia must cope with strange mists when they rescue a young girl.
Fantasy Trilogy Bk 3 Stores
22. In this 3rd story, the emerald eyed wizards are sent a millennium back in time.
Science Fiction More info
23. On a far planet, humans have been at war with the native insect creatures, for seven generations.
Science Fiction Stores
24. A wormhole sucks Talya into in a world where the primitive humans are pursued for food.
Contemporary Stores
25 . Five people survive a terrorists attack on a container ship during a Pacific Ocean cruise.
Historical-Ancient Ancestors Bk 4 Stores

In 450 AD Kyla finds out that she is a Celtic princess in a land invaded by Saxons.

Historical Saga Stores
26. century of drama, joy, and sometimes tragedy through 4 generations
Contemporary Stores
27. The inhabitants of Long Valley Road have their lives changed by the events happening around them.
Contemporary Stores
28. Steve, Lavina. and Cathy are abducted and left on an airstrip four days walk from the nearest road.
Ancient Ancestors Bk 3
29 .Meztli is about to be sacrificed in Inca times..
Science Fiction Stores
30. Whenever Madison awakens she is either at home in California or in a different world.
Young Adult More Info
31. The Mud Mafia are 3 ordinary teenagers who have two extraordinary adventures on offshore New Zealand islands
.Science Fiction Stores
32. Computers aboard Starship Omega find Earth, a planet that can support humanoid life
Contemporary 1990s Stores
33. In 1999 Kosovo, refugee Niana Bolsa is abandoned by the Serbs to fend for herself in the mountains
Contemporary (New ) Stores
34. The lives of five people standed in a remote NZ hamlet.
Science Fiction Stores
35. Tara captains a spaceship searching for a new world.
Contemporary Stores
36. Jenny and Bree try to survive a small commuter aeroplane crash in thick bush country.
Historical-Ancient Ancestors Bk 2
37. In 320AD Jelena has to cope with Romans and help her people
Science Fiction More info
38. Zorell and her friends set out and find a secret base left by their ancestors.
Science Fiction More info
39. Zorell is sucked through into a new world where problems need to be solved to get home.
Science Fiction Trilogy Bk1 More
40. Because of the space-time henomena, Aari may not be able to safe Earth by using a time ripple
Science Fiction Trilogy Bk 2 More
41. Lara's time genes may allow carnivore plants and reptilians destroy humanity.
Science Fiction Trilogy Bk 3 Stores
42. Rhett and Shelley travel through space-time where they are met their daughter that they knew existed
Science FictionStores
43. Four humans find themselves in a village without knowledge of who they are.
Ancient Ancestors Bk1 Stores
44. In 865AD, Vikings attack a monastery in Northumbria.
Contemporary Stores
45. Neil takes charge of a two teacher rural school with his partner, liberated Lisa.
l.Contemporary Trilogy Bk 1 Stores
46.Karla moves from a city school to become the principal of a country school with problems

Contemporary Trilogy Bk 2 Stores
47. Karla is called in to help in a remote dysfunctional area schoo

Contemporary Trilogy Bk 3 Stores
48. Karla is the principal of a large junior high school in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.

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